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In 1950, Triangle Nursery was established by Lanny Clendenon, Dub Panter, and Roscoe Miller. Three people started the business giving the name Triangle for the three corners. In the early days of the business it was sometimes referred to as the three cornered nursery. Over the years there were few changes, until the early 1960's when Edward S. Porter bought into a partnership with one of the original three gentlemen. A very short time later Porter purchased the business in its entirety.The business prospered for many years, growing to around 250 acres in the early 1990's. In 1995 David G. Hill and Rickey D. Minton purchased the business from Edward Porter. From 1995 to the present the company has grown to over 700 acres in production and a 5-acre container yard.We have about 400 acres in Irving College, Tn, where the company was originally started and 300 acres in Van Buren county, Tn. Deciduous material is grown in the valley with primarily Coniferous material grown on the fertile mountain in Van Buren county. In 2002, we added over 10,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse dedicated to growing our own liner production, with limited numbers available for sale. The company has the opportunity for a new generation to continue the heritage of farming as Zachary, Wesley, Elizabeth and Catherine have all started part time work at the nursery with Zachary committing to a career in the industry.We invite you for a visit to our friendly community on any occassion. We continue to strive to meet the quality demands of our customers as well as producing quantities that can fill the needs of almost any customer.

Thank you for your continued business.

David G. Hill                                              Rickey D. Minton 


Triangle Nursery, Inc.

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